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robert spiller 2In Today’s Economy, YOU Need Every Advantage.

Here are THE FACTS:
95% of the people in business will never reach $1 million in annual sales and those who reach that goal, the 5% only 95% of those companies reach will not reach sales of $5,000,000, and of those only 2% will reach that coveted goal of $10,000,000. How about $100,000,000…
(Please note, these numbers were accurate during GOOD economic times.)

What makes the difference between thriving and barely surviving in any business, in any economic climate? Answer: It’s not the product or service; it’s the skills developed and applied by the company leadership, and the employees who are working on all cylinders.

Here’s what we can do for you!
Develop employees who are positive, productive, strong and confident…working as a team.
Be positioned as an expert in the eyes of your clients?
Get people to buy more, more often?
Breed more loyalty toward you over every other competitor?
Create an unstoppable anti-competitive strategy?
Dramatically upgrade the “influence” you’ll have with your clients?

We can do this and so much more.

Robert Spiller Marketing Consultants of Detroit

21590 Greenfield Rd Ste 200

Oak Park, Mi 48237

313-557-4000…Cell 313-618-5783       Email at…

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Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

“We guarantee that we will meet your business marketing goals in the time and manner we agreed on. If not, we’ll continue to work the project for free until such goals are met.” It’s that simple….

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Business Strategies To Increase Your Profits… Without Wasting Another Dime On Advertising

How Do Market Leaders Thrive In A Tough Economy?

Change is a constant thing in business. Change provides both opportunities and threats. Market leaders have developed a long-term strategy that lets them quickly adapt to changing conditions as they arise.

Now more than ever to become a leader in your market you must focus on systems and processes instead of quick fixes and short-term tactics. This tactical flexibility comes from adhering to strategic business goals and a commitment to squeezing the maximum value from assets you already have.

Most small businesses have a wealth of valuable assets, but they’re usually either under-performing or completely overlooked. Companies that can identify and optimize those assets are in an ideal position to design breakthrough strategies for growth.

Great Strategy Requires Great Execution

We at Robert Spiller Social Media work with everyone from Fortune 500 companies, mid size, to small businesses in leverage under-performing assets for immediate cash flow and profit. We do this by applying a methodology that shrinks operational costs while delivering predictable growth.

The key is to use systems that have already proven successful, workable, with a great track record.

We’ve combined the HMA System, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to energize your marketing efforts so you can thrive, especially in today’s economy.

Let’s look at the foundation…The HMA Marketing System.

The HMA System—is a proven set of principles and techniques derived from 18 years of helping businesses grow. The HMA System helps companies construct the strategies and support systems required to maintain control of critical processes at all times.

When we apply the methodology of the HMA System to your company you’ll get

  • A Strategic, Process-driven Small Business Marketing System
  • Actual Implementation (We don’t just advise– We Execute)
  • A Risk-Free Performance-Based Guarantee

What Is The Hidden Marketing Assets System?

The HMA System is a set of business optimization procedures that helps companies get more sales and higher revenues by maximizing the return on assets they already have. What we call “hidden” assets are the overlooked or under-used revenue generating assets that can produce more growth and real bottomline impact when optimized.

A Business Approach That’s Modular, Measurable, and Manageable

Our system takes a modular approach to helping companies implement the necessary business optimization procedures. The modular approach offers multiple benefits. The first is a resultant business strategy that’s based on milestones and measurements.

‘If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed’ is a common business cliché. Sadly, the insight that’s often missed is– if it can’t be managed, it can’t be fluid– because a company’s survival and growth often depends on its ability to make adustments quickly.

The HMA system is comprised of seven modules– the first four are examined below. These four are the cornerstones of the HMA System, and each takes between 4 to 6 weeks to implement. Collectively they are referred to as The Core Four.

#1 Identify and Establish Your Competitive Advantage

Build Your Unique Sales Value Proposition

When businesses fail to clearly distinguish themselves from competitors, they increase the need to compete on price alone. Price competition shrinks margins and makes companies more vulnerable to market shock. The key to establishing a competitive distinction is the development of what has been called a Unique Selling Proposition.

These days it’s more commonly called a unique value proposition or extra value proposition– but the purpose is the same. Your USP seeks to answer the following question: Why should a consumer do business with your company instead of any other option they have?

Using the HMA System we help companies overcome this challenge with a process that includes

  • Competitive intelligence to uncover the business drivers in your market
  • Surveys of customers, employees, and vendors to find out their perceptions
  • Assessing your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Cut Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

The first HMA initiative is also concerned with cutting operational costs. We accomplish this goal by starting with an overall business systems evaluation. We then apply the HMA efficiency analysis to help you identify:

  • Opportunities to transition fixed costs to variable
  • Areas where waste can be eliminated or lower cost options substituted
  • Ways to squeeze more value from existing assets

#2 Unique Value Proposition: Process Integration

Value Based Selling: Close More Sales With Larger Front-End Orders

Your value proposition has to be integrated throughout the entire company. Every sales person, employee, and all marketing collateral must promote value at every touchpoint. The intent is a strategic re-positioning, to help your company compete on value instead of price.

Promotional messaging will need to be evaluated and reframed starting from your lead generation initiatives. Additional sales training may be needed to ensure unique value is clearly communicated in every offer.

When we implement this module using HMA principles, cross-selling and upselling becomes easier, and price-selling becomes a thing of the past. Increased sales conversions and a spike in revenue will be the result.

#3 Database Marketing, Relationships, and Referrals

Database Marketing: Get More Revenue From Existing Clients/Customers

Our system uses a variety of techniques to help your company make more sales by leveraging existing customer relationships. Current customers are the cheapest consistent source of new sales, yet its a source most small businesses neglect.

Add-on business can often be acquired by email, text messaging, or a phone call. New sales usually require only the minimal costs of the promotion.

A similar process is used to re-active past customers, some of whom may have been pronounced “dead”. It’s not uncommon to “resuscitate” 10-35% of them by applying the reactivation methods of the HMA System.

Building Referral Systems: Referrals Are Too Important To Leave To Chance

Referred clients and customers come with the shortest sales cycles, highest entry-point orders, and greater lifetime value than those who come in through ad channels. So why do so many companies leave referral acquisition to chance?

The HMA strategy employs a systems approach to generating high quality referrals. Our techniques and referral generation procedures come with 109 referral systems to build on. With such a valuable source of revenue at stake, gratuitous “word of mouth” just won’t do.

#4 Create Additional Revenue Streams

Profit From Joint Ventures and Strategic Marketing Alliances

Our fourth stage concentrates on building strategic marketing alliances with non-competing firms within your target market. Since alliances leverage the collective marketing of both partners, they open low-cost channels to reach new prospects.

Strategic alliances open additional revenue streams through enhanced opportunities for affiliate sales and bundled product/service promotions.

A strategic application of joint venture alliances will produce heightened brand recognition, a variety of cross-promotional opportunities, and more new customers and sales.

Here’s How To Get Started:

To help you better determine whether our small business services fit your needs, we’ve developed a 20 minute “HMA Executive Briefing” that is conducted over the telephone with owners and executive staff/team.

Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

“We guarantee that we will meet your business marketing goals in the time and manner we agreed on. If not, we’ll continue to work the project for free until such goals are met.” It’s that simple….

The HMA System has proven to have helped 1000’s of businesses around the world. We’ve added these elements to our team.


Our team of experts also can help you in the following areas.

Social Media…Twitter Face book, LinkedIn and the dozens and dozens of other media that can help you take your message around the city, around the state, around the country and around the world.

Blogging…A powerful way to connect in let people get to know you and your businesses and your capabilities.

What’s our USA Unique Selling Advantage?

Body Talk and EFT tapping protocols that will help your employees deal with growth, stress, and success.  EFT is a form of needle-less acupuncture that’s been proven to release pent up negative energy and get that positive energy to flow. Your employee’s will be peak performing, success and results driven business partners with you. This will create a corporate culture and climate where everyone will thrive regardless of the economy.

Robert Spiller Marketing Consultants of Detroit

21590 Greenfield Rd Ste 200

Oak Park, Mi 48237

313-207-2871 or 248-212-7104

Email at…

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