Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO

Gary Arndt is right on the money with this one.  Here’s just a tidbit of what he has to say.

SEO is time consuming

Critics of this article might point out that if you just worked harder, you could rank for anything you want. They are probably right. It isn’t a question of what is possible. It is a question of the return on your investment. The concept of time ROI is absent from almost any discussion on SEO.

Bloggers have a comparative advantage in social media. We can appeal to human notions of authority, not algorithmic notions. We can have discussions and conversations, and brands can’t do that. Moreover, it isn’t hard to do. All you have to do is talk and most of you are probably doing that now.

Check out some of these sub-headings

Traffic as a means vs. traffic as an end

Writing for humans vs. writing for machines

Choose social media for greater ROI

And there’s so much more.

Now read the full story. I do welcome comments

Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO.


2 thoughts on “Why Social Media Is a Better Investment than SEO

    • Yes it is, and let me ask you this. What do you think…is it tactics or strategy. Did you notice that most of the authors agreed that it was strategy. The highly respected Guy Kawasaki was one that said that tactics are the key. I can see what he says to a degree, but I must tell you that I think it’s strategy. I could be wrong, but that’s my take on it.

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