Brett Greene: How Social Media Influences Customer Service

Brett Greene writes in the Huffington Post the power of social media and in particular twitter on improving customer service.  I hope companies who believe in the old fashion way of doing business take note.

In part Brett says: I’m sharing this story in hopes that Vonage and other companies will address their ineffective customer service systems so that customers don’t need to resort to calling them out publicly in order to be treated fairly and receive a resolution for their account issues. Having an executive response team is smart. Not giving lower level employees the freedom to fix an inexpensive mistake is short-sighted.

With over 10 years of customer service experience myself I know how this works, and I hope those companies with the 1970’s mentality learn from this experience. Spread the word.  People no longer have to suffer the bs that some of these companies put out as good customer service. A person like Brett with over 30,000 followers on twitter proves this very eloquently.

Brett Greene: How Social Media Influences Customer Service.


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