Why Your Social Media Strategy Sucks | Social Media Today

Danny Brown is hitting the nail right on its head with this article on possible why your social media strategy is not working for you. Let me give you a little taste.

“You read a ton of blogs. You follow all the big names and hang on their every word, gleaning nuggets of wisdom and tips and real-life examples of companies that “did social media right”. Then you take these posts and use them for your business, or product, or team.

And then get all upset because the advice in A-List Blogger’s latest masterpiece didn’t work for you. But are you really surprised?

A blog post isn’t a strategy. A blog post isn’t a campaign measurement stick. A blog post isn’t a research and development program. A blog post is just a drop of water in a bigger pool of ideas that bring a strategy to life.

Simply put, you don’t believe in social media. And as that wise little guy Yoda once said, that is why you fail.

As for these never-ending social media books that are hitting the marketplace at the rate of what seems like one a week? Many are just regurgitated blog posts with a new introduction anyway, so all you’re doing is doubling your chance of failure.

Sure, you’re tweeting. Yes, you’re Facebooking. Yes, you’re Linking In. But your heart’s not in it. You’re not in it. You’re only here because others said you should be.

Whatever it is, if you’re not getting any results it’s because you haven’t set any results up to be met.

  • Ask how many connected conversations it’s going to take to turn into one sale.
  • Ask how many products you’ll have to give away via a blogger outreach program to raise awareness, positive sentiment and actionable intent on your audience’s behalf.
  • Ask how many people you’ll need to man the social phones and react to hundreds if not thousands of questions being thrown at you.
  • Ask what your cut-off date is and what happens next – cut and run or adapt and conquer?”

There’s so much more, so go ahead and discover more key points yourself.

And please if you enjoy these post, spread the word around to your friends and contacts.


Why Your Social Media Strategy Sucks | Social Media Today.


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