Five Ways to Beat Prospecting Anxiety

Five Ways to Beat Prospecting Anxiety.

“Cold calling. Prospecting. Business Development. Client Acquisition. No matter what you call it, entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to encourage sales teams to step up their efforts in contacting decision makers and drumming up new business.

Unfortunately, the mere mention of cold calling can cause anxiety to those new to selling, and even seasoned vets can get the jitters. Salespeople who avoid prospecting usually do so for two reasons: fear of rejection and/or lack of preparation.

As the business owner, you can help your salespeople overcome these obstacles and succeed at prospecting. Here are five tips to get started.”

And so Suzanne Paling starts this excellent article off on a subject that most sales people absolutely cringe at, and that’s making cold calls.

Most everyone knows that between making cold calls or going to the Dentist for a root canal, some would prefer the Dentist, ( OK so I’m exaggerating a little, but just a little believe me). For a lot of people success in sales is really that tough. Especially the thought of prospecting.

But this article is a must read for not only those who are new to sales, but any seasoned vets out there. And please feel free to spread this around to your other colleagues as well.   Suzanne Paling has hit the nail right on the head. Here’s why I say that.!

  1. What if you could change the meaning of rejection around. After all isn’t that the biggest fear in most sales people, and that is being rejected. Being told no is not fun, and please forget about feeling that each no is getting you closer to a yes. There’s a much better way to look at rejection , and this article talks about  reframing the meaning of rejection, so that it actually empowers you to keep on prospecting with the right positive mental attitude.
  2. Multi-tasking while making sales calls….that’s out.  Get and stay focused on the task at hand.  Read tip number 2 for more information.
  3. Tip number 3 who’s the decision maker, that’s basic and common sense right, but she goes on in a little more detail.  Have a list of questions that….oh you got to read the article.
  4. I’ll just mention one name…Art Sobczak. If your in sales and you want to learn about successful prospecting Art Sobczak is one of the best out there. And let me not forget one my other teachers, Scott Channel. The key is to take these techniques and actually do them.  Practice, drill, rehearse until you can teach these guys what they’ve taught you.
  5. A SALES SCRIPT. Yep that’s right…a sales script. And at the very least a sales outline of what you are going to say or points to cover.  And if you’re worried about sounding canned I’ve got 2 ideas for you. 1. Practice, drill and rehearse until you don’t sound canned, and second….read the article.


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