Below is just a partial list of the power of the HMA Marketing system.

Health Program – Revenue doubles in 30 days! “I consider myself to be a very astute
businessman and marketer. It’s very difficult to take anyone’s suggestions, especially when I’m
doing over $30,000 per month from my basement. But, I was convinced to try a small change in
my marketing. By making one little adjustment in our sales process, we went from $36,000 per
month to over $68,000 the next month. Wow'”
Dr. Samuel West
International Academy of Lymphlogy

Manufacturer – Business dead for 5 years. “Thriving again after only one week! “Our business
was suffering. I was about to file bankruptcy. Through reactivating my past customers, I was able
to create $10,000 in orders in one week and consistently $1,000 a day without any expenses
whatsoever. Thank God!” Perhaps even exponential growth?
J.D. Seardall

A Global Van Lines owners’ conversion rate of prospects to customers increased 20%. “This
increase went right to our bottom line, as there was no increase in advertising expense.”
Global Van Lines Franchise

Auto Financial Services – $1 million the first year…$3.7 million the second…and over $5
million the third! “This marketing system has been responsive for helping us understand our
unique position in the market place. HMA Marketing’s leadership, sales management,
telemarketing, advertising and direct mail expertise all played key roles in our company’s
fast growth. ”
Jeff Savage

Office Supply – From scratch to $1.5 million in one year! “We started just as an afterthought. Now
through effective fax broadcasting and learning how to write an effective sales letter, we’ll grow
past $2 million in less than 2 years. We have learned how to grow a multi-million dollar business
literally from less than $100.”
Rich Harshaw

Chiropractor – Out of bankruptcy in two months… “We were in debt $90,000 and had filed chapter
11. Through utilizing concepts like joint venturing, we quickly grew our practice to 70-80 patients
a day, satisfied our debts and cut our advertising budget by $30,000 a year, while getting out-oftown
hospitals to fund most of our building.”

Shoe Store – “Our average sales day this time of year is about $1,200. By implementing just one
idea from Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing Systems my average day jumped immediately to
$2,800. Plus, our closing ratio jumped from 40% to 50% literally overnight.”
National Shoe

Auto repair – 20% increase in sales in 3 months! “The Hidden Marketing Assets Marketing
System helped me uncover and implement marketing ideas that helped me increase our auto
repair company’s business 20% in three months. We started inviting our old customers back for
more business and a small joint venture deal with a car dealer proved very effective. The
marketing system I learned is different from other marketing plans in that ideas cost very little to
The Auto Shop

Magazine Publisher – From zero to 40,000 distributed in 5 weeks! “I needed an income badly. I
was 27, had two kids and no job and my wife was pregnant. By combining the concepts of co-ops
and self publishing, I was able to create a direct mail advertising magazine. I quickly sold all of
the spots to local health related businesses. I made a joint venture with a local newspaper and
WHAM! My magazine was out on the street in full color all 40,000 of them. I had a $3,000 per
month income.”
Gordon Jacoby
Health & Fitness Guide

Pizza Business- “In one fell swoop, I was able to almost eliminate Domino’s and Pizza Hut from
the yellow pages. It was ruthless, but it was them or me. These concepts have helped me expand
my business to over 7 delivery areas without any more building space. My sales are up.”
Jim Casey
Jeno’s Pizza

Dental Consultants – “We have been consulting for many years now and since we’ve
implemented these marketing strategies within our consulting, we have been able to grow by
leaps and bounds. The marketing has never been simpler and more systematic. We increased
our personal incomes by over $200,000 in one year.”
Cammeron Marketing

Computer Hardware – “It’s this simple…before the Marketing Workshop, $1,000 a week in new
computer sales. After the Marketing Workshop $8,000 a week in new sales”
Molineux Computers

Medical Office – “We had been running this one ad for three months with an average return of
$75. The ad costs us $500 per run. By using the techniques I learned at the workshop
I rewrote my ad against the advice of the newspaper salesman andran it for 3 days. I can’t believe what a huge difference it made. The results were out of this world.
I got 90 calls my first day and over 320 calls over the total three. From that ad, I gained 179 new
patients and made over $53,000 the first month. I continued to run it for 6 months and made over
$400,000 that year from it.”
Dr. LaJeanne Duke

Mortgage Loan Broker – 100% increase in business from just one idea! “These concepts and
techniques are so unique and simple that you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to grasp.”
John Mallet

Radio Station – “I have used the techniques you taught me with phenomenal success. In fact, the
last 25 clients that I have used your plan with have resulted in 24 annual contracts! We have also
increased our client worth by 300% and have turned clients who had been disappointed in the
past into solid accounts.”
Albert C. Gaige, Jr.

Catering Company – Revenues up $150,000 in one year! “I implemented just a couple of ideas
from the Hidden Marketing Asset Marketing System workshop into my business and in one year, I
went from $350,000 to $500,000.”
Howard Nelson
Fawn Whitney Catering

Seminar Promotion Company – Testing headlines brings 150% more business! We have been
marketing seminars for many years now…never once have we ever really tested the headlines on
the letters we send out. We experimented and by flipping through the headline bank you gave us,
we came up with a couple we thought were more powerful. Did it work? Did it ever! The next time
we mailed, we went from a 2% response to over 4.5% response. This will mean an excess of half
a million dollars in profits for us this year alone.”
Darrel Bracken
Business Seminars, Inc.

Retail Clothier – “These marketing techniques and marketing systems coupled with great sales
training doubled our store’s average sales from $25 to $50! The concepts are sound and now we
generate more sales each month through learning how to work customer base effectively. We
now invite our customers to come back regularly and buy from us more often. Sales have
increased from 500,000 to over $750,000 in just 12 months.”
Duane Jones, Owner
Cedar Creek Clothing

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